Here you will find frequently asked questions about Teasi. Please read these questions, before contacting our support team.


MBTiles-MAPS – Create them for TEASI pro on your own: Download the manual here (PDF)

KOMPASS-MAPS – installation guide Download the manual here (PDF)

TEASI TOUR – create routes as in a travelguide: Download the manual here (PDF)

The map does not show my location, it shows an incorrect location, for example, always Hanover. Is the unit defective?

You have no GPS reception. You can only receive GPS reception in the open. It takes about 30 seconds to 2 minutes after starting up the device to form a connection with at least four satellites.

If you do have reception, the red cross near to the icon with the satellite dish disappears and green bars appear.

Is there a software that can be used to edit recorded routes on the PC?

The recorded routes are stored on the internal memory in the BikeNav\MyTrips folder in the GPX format. You can edit the GPX files on the PC with any route planner programs that can read the GPX format, such as with and

At what time intervals can the waypoints be recorded during navigation?

The waypoints are saved every second during the recording. It is not possible to change the time interval.

Which memory cards are supported by Teasi?

The Teasi one supports micro SD and micro SDHC cards with up to 32 GB storage.

How can I further improve battery life?

1. A new battery makes its full capacity available only after about 4-5 full loading-unloading cycles.

2. Before long trips, TEASI must be fully loaded. When you turn on the battery, its capacity display normally indicates a higher capacity than is actually available (as any electrical or electronic device does). Only after a few minutes “under load” is the correct residual capacity displayed.

3. The settings under "Screen" greatly affect runtime. We recommend the following settings for a maximum runtime: brightness set to maximum – light timer: 10 (or a max. of 20) seconds.

These settings ensure that the display is fully illuminated for 10 (or 20) seconds during turning manoeuvres. This is also the case when TEASI is located in the trip computer, for example, and a navigation is active. By clicking on the turn arrow, you return immediately to the map.

4. Route-dependent parameters: If you drive along a route which contains many turn-off points in succession, the display must almost always be switched on and TEASI can not take optimum advantage of the power sparing algorithm. In addition, a diminished or poor GPS reception (for example in forests under a closed treetop) contributes to a higher power consumption during permanent GPS-fixation.

How can I perform a reset?

To perform a reset, press the on / off button for at least 15 seconds.

How can I import self-created routes into my TEASI?

1. For import, the navigation device TEASI must be switched on and be connected to a computer.

2. The TEASI display shows two buttons. Press “Connect to PC”.

3. The device appears as a removable disk on the PC. If a dialog appears with the request to format the disk, this request must be denied!

4. Create a folder of Imported Trips in the folder BikeNav.

5. The routes to be imported (* GPX files) must then be copied into a folder (BikeNav\ ImportedTrips) on the TEASI.

6. Remove the disk by pressing on “Eject” in Windows Explorer (first on the Drive Letters with the right mouse button, then on Eject in the list).

7. Press on Search in the navigation program, then on Trip, select your route from the list and then press on GO. If you are not at the start of the route, the TEASI will calculate a route that will take you to the beginning of the start point.

You can create your own routes in GPX format, for example with:

How much data can be recorded?

The following data can be recorded:
Number of waypoints: 20,000 per track
Number of routes: depending on memory, approx. 100-700 Mb are still available
Number of tracks: depending on memory, approx. 100-700 Mb are still available
Track log size: depending on memory, about 100-700 Mb are still available
Number of GPX files: approx. 100-700 MB are still available

Where must the license code be entered for activation?

When you first start the Teasi, you are asked for the license code.

If you have a current device with software 1.5, the license code is no longer requested and must no longer be entered.

Why is the SD card slot necessary?

You can copy route files in GPX format on a memory card. These files can be read in the menu item Memory under the item SD card. This function is only available since the release of the software-version 1.5. Update this software, if necessary, via our Online-Update.